Save the Sterrebos

The Sterrebos is a small, quiet, wild forest near the city of Born in The Netherlands. The forest was planted in the 18th century as a production forest for the nearby ‘Wolfrath’ castle. With trees over 200 years old, and the fact that it’s not used for leisure, the Sterrebos is a safe home for deer, badgers, bats and birds.

Aerial image of the Sterrebos. The part that is threatened with logging in red. The current Nedcar factory borders the forest on the south.

If the VDL Nedcar, the nearby car factory, and the provincial government get their way, more than half of the forest will be cut in the fall of 2021. VDL Nedcar has uncertain plans for expanding their car factory (for new customers that they don’t have yet).

At this time, they cannot proceed with cutting before the objection procedures have gone through the ‘Council of State’.

It is irresponsible to cut down forests in this time of ecological and climate-crisis! Even more so if the forest gets cut to make room for a polluting car factory!